What Do Food Safety Courses Teach You?

food safety and handling courses in Victoria

If you are curious about food safety and have heard about various food safety courses but are not sure what such courses might entail, the following blog will clear up any confusion and give you a good idea of the kind of things a food safety course is designed to teach you.

Food safety courses are typically designed for teaching food safety to people who work in the food industry, be it in hospitality or retail. This includes chefs, line cooks, servers, and front-line personnel.

So, what does a food safety course actually teach you? First are correct hygiene practices. This includes keeping the workspace clean as well as proper personal hygiene when handling food. Some of the things you may learn about keeping the workspace clean include cleaning and storing cooking utensils properly and ensuring that the workspace is kept pest and insect-free without compromising the safety of the food. The personal hygiene of the food handlers is essential for making sure that no germs are transferred from the handler to the food.

Next, a food safety course teaches you the correct storage method for different foods and how those foods need to be prepared and cooked. Certain foods can be kept at room temperature, while others can be refrigerated or frozen. Knowing this ensures that the quality of the food is not compromised. The same goes for  food prep and cooking. Some foods can be eaten raw, whereas others need to be cooked to a certain temperature to kill off bacteria. You may benefit from a food safety course such as one on becoming a Food Safety Supervisor in Victoria by signing up course offered by Australian Institute of Accreditation. The courses are designed for hospitality and retail workers and are entirely online for your convenience.

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