Keep Your Kitchen Safe from Mice

how to prevent a mice infestation in your kitchen

While mice may be delicate little creatures, they have no business getting around in your kitchens. Did you know that mice are the cause of serious health hazards and that the harmful pathogens in their urine and faeces can contaminate your food?

Mice are super tiny and only need an opening as small as a few centimetres to get inside the kitchen. If you see traces of an infestation such as mice droppings or chewed and gnawed food packaging around the kitchen, you may want to pest-proof the space.

Here are some ways in which you can prevent a mice infestation in your kitchen:

  • Do not store any food on the floor where mice can easily smell or reach it
  • If you have any open food, keep it stored in airtight containers or containers with secure lids
  • Make sure to wipe down all counters and surfaces every time you finish preparing food
  • Make sure to sweep the floor thoroughly at the end of the day, ensuring that you reach the spots under the cabinets and behind appliances to get rid of any food that may have fallen on the floor.
  • If there are any holes in the walls or windows, make sure to fill those in
  • Add drain coverings to any open drains you might have in the kitchen. Ensure that the coverings have a very tight mesh as mice can come through even the smallest gaps

A food safety course can be very helpful if you would like to learn more about food safety, how to prevent food-borne or kitchen-related illnesses, as well as how to keep your kitchen in hygienic and clean conditions. The Australian Institute of Accreditation offers an excellent Online Food Safety Supervisor course in Sydney that can be beneficial for you. 

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