How To Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination occurs because of raw meat

Cross-contamination between food substances occurs when raw food comes in contact with cooked food, or the utensils used to serve the food and transfer harmful bacteria. Cross-contamination can cause dangerous illnesses like typhoid in whoever consumes the food. You can learn more about cross-contamination by taking one of our online food safety supervisor courses. Queensland has some of the best food safety courses available and you can check them out on our website.

Shopping For Food

When shopping for food, keep your meat and poultry separate from all other edibles in your cart. Store them in plastic bags to prevent the juices from the meat from leaking into other food. Even when carrying the food home, make sure the meat does not come in contact with the other food.

Preparing Food

Keeping the food and the environment in which, you prepare the food clean and sterilized is essential to prevent cross-contamination. After cutting or marinating the food, thoroughly clean the countertops and cutting boards after they have been in touch with raw food. Always prepare food on clean cutting boards and only use clean pots and pans for cooking the food.

Wash your hands after handling raw meat and before you begin cutting and chopping anything else.

Refrigerating Food

Use sealed bags or tightly closed containers to store raw meat and poultry. Do not remove eggs from their original crate either.

Make sure none of the other produce or cooked food comes in contact with the juices from the meat or touches the eggs. Never leave uncovered meat in the refrigerator with other foods and produce.

Serving Food

It is also essential to care for the cleanliness of utensils that you use to serve the food. Make sure the plates, bowls, and cutlery are washed and dried before you serve food in them. Do not use dirty washcloths or sponges to clean your dishes.


Cross-contamination is one of the most severe issues in a culinary environment, and our courses can help you learn how to deal with this problem in even more depth.

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