How to Prevent a Rodent Problem for Your Food Business

how to prevent a rodent problem

Whether serving fresh food at a restaurant or selling pre-packed food at a store, a rodent problem can be catastrophic for any food business. Rodents spread diseases, contaminate produce, reproduce and spread very quickly, and can even cause structural damage to your building.

Rodent problems are actually quite common in food businesses but can easily be prevented. Here are some ways to prevent a rodent problem from occurring:

Block off Entryways

Rodents use the same routes to get into a building. You can try blocking off any entryways that the rodents might be able to fit through. You can install mesh screens on windows and doors and add metal drain and pipe covers. A rat can fit through a 2.5cm hole in the wall, and mice are even smaller.

Keep Food Secure and Stored Correctly

Food left out in the open will attract rodents. You have to keep the food stored correctly and securely. Ensure you use air-tight, strong containers, regularly take out the food waste or trash, and store open food six inches above the floor and away from the walls. It would also help if you make your trashcans rodent-proof and keep the area generally clean since the smell of food can attract rodents.

Preventative Measures

If you suspect there might be a rodent problem at your business or would like to take preventative measures, you can set out glue boards, traps, or poisonous bait. The traps would have to be checked regularly, and you may need to take extra precautions while using poisonous bait near food.

Proper training to identify a rodent problem and react appropriately is a huge part of food safety in any food business. For more information on food safety, consider taking a food safety course. The Australian Institute of Accreditation offers an excellent Online Food Safety Supervisor course in NSW that you may benefit from.

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