How To Become A Food Safety Supervisor


A food safety supervisor is an attractive position as it is an essential role in any food handling or processing business. A food safety supervisor can be a sustainable career option for any motivated individual that wants to excel in their profession.

Food safety and food handling certificates are beneficial for anyone wishing to progress in the food industry.

What Is A Food Safety Supervisor

A food safety supervisor manages the overall safety of food within the business stock. The role includes;

  • Assessing any potential food hazards and putting measures in place to prevent hazardous situations occurring with food. 
  • Keeping up to date with all relevant food safety legislation and standards, ensuring these are adhered to within the business. 
  • Monitoring all food handlers and ensuring they carry out their tasks safely and in line with legislation and food safety standards.
  • Ensuring high levels of hygiene including personal hygiene standards are followed within business premises
  • Ensuring all food safety plans are kept up-to-date and are maintained with accurate records.
  • Advising all employees on food safety procedures where applicable. 

As you can see from this list, the role is very varied, and tasks can change daily. The job will appeal to someone who likes fresh challenges.

How To Become A Food Safety Supervisor?

The Australian Institute of Accreditation offers a range of online courses for those working in the hospitality or retail sector. The courses are nationally accredited and can be undertaken online. While there is a small practical element, where practical work needs to be observed, this can be carried out at your workplace and observed by any colleague willing to certify that you have carried out the tasks according to a simple to follow tick sheet part of the training.

In some states, it is a legal requirement that at least one person from any business operating with food is a nominated food safety supervisor. Therefore, the courses are a crucial part of any business or enterprise working with food and the role of a food safety supervisor requires the necessary accreditation and training. 

Courses can be taken at the learner’s own pace, and sessions can be broken up to work around their schedule. Some people may complete the course in one day while others may take a couple of months to complete it.

Benefits of Food Supervision 

Any company handling food can benefit from the peace of mind knowing that a food supervisor ensures that all food processes are up to standard. This may be a requirement for insurance purposes. Most importantly, it can give you confidence that you are offering your customers food that is safe and meets the high standards set by any regulatory bodies. You can pass that confidence onto your customers, gaining a reputation for offering high-quality food from your business. Whether you work in hospitality or retail, customer trust is a significant asset that a food safety supervisor can provide.

If you would like to become a food safety supervisor or require someone in your employment to undertake the training, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Australian Institute of Accreditation who will be delighted to chat through the options with you.

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