How A Food Safety Course Could Change Your Career


Food safety is a major issue right now, due to the virus and the subsequent pandemic situation we are all experiencing. Food safety is a career that can get you almost anywhere in the gastronomic industry. It’s also very desirable if you wish to work in the retail food and beverage industry. It’s a professional that many business owners in the sector want to have on their side helping out the team, and making sure that quality is kept high and no undue scandals are created. So why is it important in general?

Food safety in retail

As you have probably seen, food safety is a high priority in the retail industry as now we have a pandemic to contend with. We must keep the public on side and willing to enter into stores and shop for products to stock their cupboards with. A food safety course in retail will cover essential information on how to implement proper handling and storage practices. As the retail industry is open to the public, you must know what policies to have in place that protect members of the public from each other, as well as employees. Our food safety course for retail is very popular because it covers these areas more. It will also provide you with the knowledge needed to display food properly, selling food in a retail environment and handling it properly from delivery, storage to the shelves.

Food safety in hospitality

Food safety in the hospitality industry has come to the fore, as bars, clubs and holiday resorts are having to be extra careful as well. So a food safety manager or officer would be greatly welcome to any business because it will sooner give them a stamp of approval with the local authorities. Our course is 100% online and involves attention to detail in order to make great workplace observation reports. You will be able to study the workplace, identify contamination issues, how employees could improve their handling and make policies which the paying customer will be more likely to comply with. This is a national accreditation that will allow you to go on and work in all states and territories.

Food safety supervisor

Somebody has to be at the helm with regard to food safety employees, managers and policies at the workplace. Our food safety supervisor course will equip you with the tools needed to be this person. You will know how to manage people, create specific policies, solve problems regarding food safety and be able to tackle any and all foods and their unique challenges. At AIA our food supervisor course is 100% online and can be done wherever you are. Many food organizations need a food safety supervisor at their manufacturing plants, warehouses, logistics facilities and working with their clients at their retail stores. This course will involve learning how to work on the front line, but the structure is very digestible and easy to absorb the information we provide.

If you feel the need to change career or just improve your skills in the food safety industry, our courses will sharpen your tools so you’re ready for any challenge. Don’t hesitate another second, contact us today.

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