Food Safety Supervisor Courses in New South Wales

food safety and handling courses for restaurant employees

As a restaurant owner in New South Wales, you must have done everything in your power to ensure that all your employees are perfectly suited for their jobs and positions.

From the servers and waiters having proper hospitality training to the bartenders having extensive knowledge on mixology and the most popular drinks. Some may argue that the most important members of a restaurant’s team are the chefs, who should have proper culinary training under their belts.

However, culinary training is nowhere near the only kind of training a chef at a reputable restaurant should be having. In addition to knowing how to cook delicious and diverse meals for your customers, a chef should also be equipped with the training to safely handle food.

This involves everything from proper storage practices and displaying food in an appealing manner to the safe disposal of food waste.

You can get your chefs and other employees who handle food enrolled in online food safety courses with the Australian Institute of Accreditation.

All courses offered are entirely online and simple to get through. They include interactive learning modules, different scenario questions to help you demonstrate your learning and use it in real life, as well as workplace observation reports sent to workplace supervisors so that progress can be monitored easily.

By enrolling your employees in food safety and handling courses, they can become nationally accredited and increase their own value as well as the value of your restaurant. Employing chefs who have culinary training and training in safely storing and handling food is likely to boost your restaurant’s credibility and draw in more customers. With the new customers, you’re likely to get great reviews too!

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