Food Handling Is More Important Than Ever Before


Food handling is very important now that we are in a pandemic. It was already important but now the stakes just got higher. It’s something that we need to understand as business owners, as well as professionals that work in retail, hospitality, etc. government and regulatory bodies, are trying to work out how they can keep businesses open while not putting the public at risk. A professional with the right educational qualification in the food safety industry is sure to be a hot commodity now more than ever. You could be the difference between a supermarket or restaurant staying open or closing.

Food handling in retail

Our course is 100% online and provides you with the most cutting edge in modern education in the subject of food handling. Certificate 1 is the starting point, from which you will learn about the basics of food handling and safety. It’s critical that you learn how food becomes contaminated, cross-contamination and how poor personal hygiene plays a role in the handling of food safely. You won’t just learn how to handle food in retail, but also in restaurants. Bear in mind that they are two different industries and two different working environments. The course will cover basic policies that can be implemented in the workplace and compiled by every employee. It’s something that you can do online. You will learn about food processing, hazards, safety laws, etc.

Food handling in restaurants

Our food safety supervisor course online is going to equip you to work in the most prestigious restaurants in the country. It’s something that will allow you to be confident enough to create food handling and food safety policies for top chefs and waiting staff to follow easily. You will learn about food hazards in kitchens, different surfaces and how viruses and or bacterias are transmitted from them, and things such as personal hygiene. At AIA we have a food safety supervisor course that is 100% online. You will be given all the relevant reading materials, but also, other means of media that will help you to absorb all the information you need. You can access the course wherever you are and on any platform.

Work anywhere

Our food handling, safety and or supervisor courses will give you the opportunity to work freelance as well. Coffee chains are independently run and if they have issues with food safety, the managers will need to call in an expert to help them. That person could be you. You could help a coffee chain clear up it’s food handling in the morning, and a fast-food burger joint educating it’s employees in the afternoon. With our fully accredited course, you will be able to work anywhere you want. You’ll also be able to work with almost whoever you want to, as managers and CEOs will be being educated by yourself, on how to improve their business and bolster public confidence in their food and beverage companies.

We recommend that you contact us today if you have any questions or lingering curiosities. We’re always ready to answer back post-haste and see what we can help you with.

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