7 Social Media Hacks To Promote Restaurant Business Online.

Food In Restaurant To Post On Social Media

Be it a trendy coffeehouse or a full-service restaurant; you will want to get new customers and keep the frequent visitors coming back. Today, social media has taken over every aspect of life, and the restaurant business is no exception. Nothing can be a better marketing platform for a restaurant than social media. Set the table, present a picture-worthy dish, and you are good to go. If your social media is lacking the engagement factor with the millennials check these seven social media hacks to promote restaurant business online: 

Advertise on your Facebook fan page to grab attention

Facebook ads are an excellent way for restaurants and diners to grab attention. Post ads to be seen by those who like certain pages you follow. You can post exclusive offers on your Facebook page and put various deals for those who like your page. Post food pictures with high quality and attractive deals to make the users drooling over your food. 

Post pictures and daily menu updates on Instagram account 

Millennials love to take pictures of every dish on their table and post it on Instagram with various hashtags. Promote user-created content and come up with unique hashtags. When your guests upload your restaurant’s insta-worthy pictures, prompt them to share it with your hashtags. Upload every new dish on the menu on Instagram to make it popular before launching. 

 Check-Ins can spread the word

Many restaurants offer special deals to people who check-in and reward them with coupons and additional promotions. When friends of these loyal diners view their check-in, they would surely follow the trail.

Upload behind the scenes on YouTube Channel

Upload interview with guests and chef highlights on your YouTube channel. Make a kitchen tour video showing how fresh ingredients are used in your signature dishes. This will create a personal touch for your efforts. 

Pin your menu and dishes on Pinterest

Introduce your restaurant page on Pinterest. Create different boards like a recipe, menu item, photos and special events. Create unique pins for each board using high-quality pictures and re-pin other’s content.

Start a blog about your restaurant 

Restaurant blog is a good way to make an announcement. Blogs help to build community and engage with your customers. Anything you think might interest your customers can be shared on your blog from achievements and struggles to funny stories and recipes.

Giveaways are a great way to attract customers

Who wouldn’t love free food? Run contests and giveaways. Instagram giveaways require the following account for one who wishes to enter. Give 50% off gift cards and keep it simple-Like, follow (your restaurant account), tag a friend and enter. This will spread the word and increase your followers at the end of the contest.

Playing smart will make social media your best tool in promoting your restaurant and bringing old and new customers at your doorstep.

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