7 Questions You May Have About Food Safety Supervisors

7 Questions You May Have About Food Safety Supervisors

If you’ve recently decided to make a big career move in the food retail and hospitality sector, you must have a few questions. Working in the food industry comes with tons of responsibility, especially if you’re working in Australia.

Though you might have the complete skillset required for a food handler, there are certain legalities you need to take care of before you can proceed.

Here are 7 questions you may have about the Food Safety Supervisor, answered.

Q1. What is a Food Safety Supervisor?

Food safety supervisors play a key role in the food industry. In order for you to be successful in the food industry, you need to ensure food safety. The supervisor’s responsibility is to enhance food safety, incorporate best practices into the workplace and aim to avert foodborne illnesses in their customers.

Q2. Does my business need a Food Safety Supervisor?

Well, this really depends on where you are located and what type of food you’re serving. Many states in Australia don’t require a food safety supervisor certificate but if you’re situated in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or the Australian Capital Territory then you will definitely require it.

Q3. In what situation would I require a Food Safety Supervisor?

Normally, all registered food businesses must have a food safety supervisor. If you’re providing ready-to-eat items, potentially hazardous foods and food that isn’t sold in its authentic packaging then you definitely require a license.

Q4. How do I become a Food Safety Supervisor?

The Australian Institute of Food Safety offers a nationally accredited online course that you can now take online. This course qualifies you to work legally within all territories of Australia as it meets all necessary requirements. Once you’ve completed the course, you can nominate yourself as the food safety supervisor for your own business.

Q5. What are Food Safety Supervisor requirements in New South Wales?

The New South Wales requirements for food safety supervisors is only slightly different to the other states. To be able to work in NSW, the food authority necessitates a Statement of Attainment that shows you completed the units of competency. In addition to this, they also require the NSW food safety supervisor certificate. The latter needs to be provided by a certified trainer and has to be renewed every five years.

Q6. Which businesses require a Food Safety Supervisor in New South Wales?

Businesses operating in the Hospitality as well as Food Retail sectors of the industry require a certificate. Any business functioning within these areas must have at least on food safety supervisor.

Q7. Do I have to attend Food Safety Supervisor seminars if I have prior work experience?

If you already have previous experience, chances are you received training for it. If you are working in any NSW, Queensland, Victoria or ACT, you must either provide a Statement of Attainment with stated units of competency or NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. If you don’t have these but have received training on food safety previously, you might already have completed the Food Safety Supervisor training. Be sure to check preceding qualifications and units of competency before identifying the number of additional units you require.

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